Upholstery Cleaning

Our steam cleaning services are ideal for cleaning sofas and settees in your home – in fact any upholstery.

Accidents happen and as frustrating as it is, help is at hand. From spilt wine and drinks on sofas or a takeaway that managed to end up on the sofa we can help.

Sofa Cleaning

We apply a safe environmentally friendly cleaning product to your upholstery and brush it into the fabric to help separate the soils from the fabric.

Spots and stains will be treated and removed where possible. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed, as what made the stain and the age of the stain varies.

The quicker you call us out the better chance of removing the stain. We will then extract the dirt leaving you with clean and fresh upholstery.


If you have an accident or spillage on your sofa, blot up as much liquid as possible using a paper towel then place a damp towel on the area until the professional upholstery cleaners can arrive to extract the problem safely. This prevents further staining.

Don’t feel the need to reach for household products as this can sometimes make the situation worse.