Our Green Machine

The steam machine and its uses

This machine is used to clean cars inside including, seats, flooring, trim, leather, plastics and windows. It also sanitizes the cars seats, and flooring ridding germs, and is even used in the air ducts to remove bacteria build up which lurks inside of the ducts. The machine is completely safe and will not damage any part of the vehicle. Not only will the machine clean cars but also boats, motorbikes, mini buses, and light aircraft.

The detergents we use are biodegradable.These machines are so versatile they can be used around the home to clean bathroom tiles, toilets, sinks, floors, bedding and sofas to remove stains, will also clean your curtains & carpets. The machine comes with a temperature gauge to turn steam heat & pressure down for delicate materials.

Also comes with a built in vacuum system enabling simultaneous use of steam and detergent. A steam cleaner for all industrial and commercial applications, the toughest cleaning jobs are no problem for the machine.

How does it work?

Steam Cleaning uses dry and hot steam under high pressure . It is environmentally friendly and 100% safe. It does not leave any pollutants since it does not use any harsh chemicals. Thanks to a minimal use of water  it is eco -friendly . We can meet the strictest environmental protection standards.